How insider deals made New Hampshire health care costs the highest in the nation

How insider deals made New Hampshire health care costs the highest in the nation

The Granite State is home to among the highest health care costs in the nation. One major reason? Laws written by special interests.

Granite Staters don’t pay income tax or sales tax. That’s because New Hampshire government respects taxpayers.

But do New Hampshire’s health care laws respect patients?

When you add up premiums and deductibles, New Hampshire families are paying the highest health care costs in the nation, according to 2019 research from the Commonwealth Fund.

So how did New Hampshire get to this point? Disrespect.

Instead of protecting patients, powerful special interests lobbied for a protection racket. In 2016, they successfully pushed for a law in Concord – Senate Bill 481 – to crush their competition and pad their profits.

Here are three rules in SB 481 making health care more expensive for Granite Staters. 

Rule No. 1: Tie up the competition in red tape

If you want to open up a simple clinic in New Hampshire where patients may stay overnight, you’re also required to spend millions of dollars building and operating a 24/7 emergency department that’s open 365 days a year. But this costly rule doesn’t apply to the insiders who helped write the law.

Rule No. 2: Monopoly power

Many New Hampshire hospitals secured a special protection that bans all new hospitals from opening within 15 miles. That means Granite Staters outside the southeastern corner of the state are stuck with fewer quality health care options near where they live.

Rule No. 3: Banning businesses

New Hampshire bans innovative health care providers that can drastically lower costs for all Granite Staters. In states like Oklahoma, doctors at cash-only health care facilities complete common procedures – from breast biopsies to mending a broken leg – at a fifth of the cost of traditional hospitals.

These disrespectful laws hurt New Hampshire families.

They hurt parents who have to choose between putting food on the table and getting their child the care they need.

And they hurt seniors who can’t get access to good doctors they can afford.

So what’s the lesson for New Hampshire? Never let unethical corporations use state government to take advantage of our neighbors.

And when Concord respects all Granite Staters, we can lower health care prices for good.

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