New Hampshire bill would block executive orders that violate Second Amendment

New Hampshire bill would block executive orders that violate Second Amendment

Senate Bill 154 seeks to protect Granite Staters’ Second Amendment rights from White House overreach.

The right to keep and bear arms is a cornerstone of New Hampshire’s heritage, and one reason the Granite State is among the safest states in the nation.

But President Joe Biden’s administration has signaled a willingness to write policy affecting that right via executive order, causing concern for Granite Staters who care about the Second Amendment, separation of powers and government overreach.

Thankfully, Senate Bill 154 would prohibit New Hampshire from enforcing any possible presidential executive order that restricts or regulates the rights of people to bear arms. The measure is sponsored by six state senators and three state representatives and now sits in the House Criminal Justice and Public Safety committee.

“Why do we keep trying to undermine the things that make the live-free-or-die state the live-free-or-die state?” said Senate Majority Leader Jeb Bradley, R-Wolfeboro, according to In Depth NH. “SB 154 will protect the rights of New Hampshire citizens to defend themselves and their loved ones.”

New Hampshire is among the nation’s safest states, he added, because it has “effective law enforcement and allows people to exercise their constitutional rights under the Second Amendment.”

New Hampshire was home to the third-lowest rate of violent crime in the country in 2020, with 173 violent crimes per 100,000 people. The state’s 11% decline in violent crime over the year was among the steepest declines in the nation, according to USA Today. New Hampshire is also home to the sixth-lowest imprisonment rate and the nation’s lowest poverty rate.

Granite Staters’ right to defend themselves and their loved ones should never be taken away.

SB 154 is one important step toward protecting that right.

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