New Hampshire private schools see renewed interest as public schools go online

New Hampshire private schools see renewed interest as public schools go online

With parents seeking alternatives for their children, New Hampshire businesses can see tax relief for donating to local school choice scholarships.

Like last spring, New Hampshire students are off to class each morning without leaving the house. Students are logging in for another round of online schooling, which has many students and parents taking a harder look at private schools for in-person instruction.

New Hampshire Public Radio reports interest in private schools is higher than ever as many are reopening for in-person learning, with precautions to ensure safety.

Interest in private schools is especially high in areas of the state where the public school districts have moved to online or hybrid learning. Some private schools are reporting their wait lists are twice as long as usual.

“[T]he public systems – they don’t have it together now,” said Chris Yonker, who has a daughter about to enter school.

At some Catholic schools in the Diocese of Manchester, enrollment is up 10%. The diocese saw the desire for in-person instruction and responded with a Transfer Incentive Program, which offers tuition discounts for to students who transfer from a non-Catholic school.

The state also offers a resource for low- to middle-income families to choose private education. Through the Children’s Scholarship Fund, families receive scholarships for their children’s education, funding up to 75% of tuition. Helping to drive this program is an incentive from the state. Businesses and individuals donating to the program can receive an 85% Education Tax Credit.

With programs that are friendly to businesses and beneficial to education for low income students, New Hampshire’s private schools are seeing a strong resurgence as students and parents realize the value of an in-person education.

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