Press release: Respect New Hampshire delivers 10,453 anti-tax petitions to state legislative leadership

Press release: Respect New Hampshire delivers 10,453 anti-tax petitions to state legislative leadership

Thousands of petition signatures show support for small business owners and remote workers, as well as widespread opposition to a state income tax.

CONCORD, New Hampshire (March 1, 2021) – On Saturday, February 27th, 2021, Respect New Hampshire, an independent public policy organization, delivered 10,453 petition signatures to leaders in the state legislature. These petitions were in opposition to taxes on small businesses, workers who tele-commute out of state, and on earned income.

Andrew Demers, the State Coordinator of Respect New Hampshire, and various legislators made the following statements:

Andrew Demers, Respect New Hampshire:

“These 10,453 petition signatures represent a mandate from the Respect New Hampshire community to the New Hampshire State Legislature, urging our lawmakers to continue protecting one of the main advantages of the New Hampshire way of life: our tax-free advantage.

But let’s be frank: our advantage is in danger. Small businesses across New Hampshire narrowly avoided a massive tax hike this past year. Massachusetts is waging war on the income of our commuters, even though many people are working from home due to COVID-19 and never set foot across the border. And a simple majority vote in Concord and the governor’s signature is all it would take to start taxing our income at any time.

By keeping more money in their pocketbooks, Granite Staters can further the causes that are closest to their hearts. That’s showing respect to our communities, which empowers them to pursue creative and compassionate solutions to their problems.

We all know that low taxes are a result of low spending. So as much as these 10,453 petition signatures represent a mandate to our legislators to keep taxes from ruining the New Hampshire advantage, our expectation is fiscal responsibility from the New Hampshire State Legislature.”

House Speaker Sherman Packard:

“This past November, New Hampshire voters spoke loudly and clearly: they wanted to bring fiscal responsibility back to Concord. As a response, the members of our new majority are dedicated to bringing meaningful tax relief to hard working Granite Staters, allowing them to better invest in their families and businesses. By continuing to fight against wasteful spending and burdensome taxation, we can preserve the advantage that has made New Hampshire the premiere state to live, work, and play.”

House Majority Leader Jason Osborne:

“Small business is the engine that drives New Hampshire’s prosperity. This session, our State Legislature is focused on delivering tax cuts to our small businesses, many of whom are already struggling under the hardships of the previous year. We made a promise to the voters that we would fight against both small business taxes and a broad-based income tax. They have given us their trust, and our intention is to deliver on that promise.”

Senate President Chuck Morse:

“Our agenda for this legislative session is clear: No income tax, no sales tax, and no capital gains tax. We appreciate groups like Respect New Hampshire who share that same fiscal message. They understand that living within our means and not raising taxes is the key to building and sustaining a strong economy in New Hampshire.”

Senate Majority Leader Jeb Bradley:

“I applaud Respect New Hampshire for its steadfast support for Granite State taxpayers and agree with its opposition to increasing taxes on small businesses, on workers who tele-commute, and on earned income. The pandemic taught us many lessons in 2020 and we plan to use them to rebuild our state in 2021. That starts with supporting our Main Street businesses and property taxpayers, not increasing their tax burdens.”

Rep. Fred Doucette:

“I campaigned on a platform of fighting tax increases on small businesses and hard-working Granite State families. On the House Ways and Means Committee, we’re working hard for the people of New Hampshire, no matter what side of the political aisle you’re on. Our focus is tax relief and protecting our New Hampshire advantage from a sales or income tax. I’m proud to stand with Respect New Hampshire as we work to protect the values that make New Hampshire great.”

Rep. Dennis Acton:

“My promise to the voters of New Hampshire is that I will stand up and fight against broad-based taxes. Granite State families must live within their means, and so should state government. The message is simple: low taxes are a result of low spending. Thank you to Respect New Hampshire for this powerful reminder.”

Rep. Ross Berry:

“When I ran for office in 2020, the message from my voters was clear: now, more than ever, we must protect New Hampshire’s tax-free advantage. We can never have a sales or income tax in New Hampshire. I’m proud to stand with Respect New Hampshire and my fellow Representatives as we fight to protect that tax-free advantage.”


About Respect New Hampshire

Respect New Hampshire is an independent community dedicated to giving Granite Staters a voice in state and local government. We champion the values that have made New Hampshire a place where families from all backgrounds can plant roots and prosper: tolerance, honesty, fairness and personal responsibility.

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