“Education freedom accounts would give us the ability to pick, choose and really tailor the best learning environment for our children.”

“There’s a broad mix of families here in Nashua that would jump on the opportunity to choose the model of education their children receive. It would open up such a vast array of learning for the kids. We hear these stories all the time in our Facebook group, Nashua Parent Voice.”

“That’s actually how we met each other, and we realized that someone has to speak up for our communities and for the children who are struggling with the current traditional learning model – families deserve the option to choose the best education for their children.”

“House Bill 20 will give back hope to those families across the state.”

“Many families we’ve spoken to have entertained homeschooling, charter schools and private schools, but it’s just not an option financially for so many. Especially here in Nashua where a large portion of our community is below the poverty line.”

“One size doesn’t fit all. And education freedom accounts would give families the ability to choose alternative learning environments that best suits their children with more financial attainability.”

“Since March of last year, Nashua public schools haven’t returned to any functional hybrid or full in-person model. Remote learning has been the only option for most. Over the last six months, we’ve seen frustration, compounding financial burdens, heartbreak and a catastrophic decline in our children’s mental health.”

“Our children are falling behind in school, and the families with the least resources are hit hardest.

“Education freedom accounts would be an important step to fixing and shrinking that gap in opportunity.”

“Returning that decision-making power to families, to parents and guardians, it would lift such a heavy burden off the shoulders of our community’s families. Especially those children struggling to learn in their current educational model.”

Allison Dyer and Alicia Houston
Nashua Parent Voice
Nashua, New Hampshire