Video: Former New Hampshire police chief says secret list protects bad cops

Video: Former New Hampshire police chief says secret list protects bad cops

A former top law enforcement official criticized New Hampshire’s controversial Laurie List, which lists officers who should not testify in court due to credibility problems.

In the wake of the death of George Floyd, state and local officials across the country are debating police accountability in one form or another.

In New Hampshire, a controversial list of police officers deemed unfit to testify in court has taken center stage – even among members of the law enforcement community.

The list is referred to as the “Laurie List.” It takes its name from a 1993 murder case, State v. Laurie, in which the court’s ruling was overturned after prosecutors allowed a police detective who had been disciplined for dishonesty to provide testimony against the alleged murderer. The list contained about 260 names as of 2019, according to the Union Leader.

Former Bartlett Police Chief Janet Hadley Champlin on July 14 spoke out against the Laurie List to members of a new reform commission created by Gov. Chris Sununu.

“I know of no other profession where there is a secret list like this,” she said. “They should be fired; there should absolutely be no place in law enforcement for them.”

“You can’t keep officers on desk duty who have no credibility to be on the street to make arrests or testify in court … it’s a disservice to the good officers …”

The new state-level commission will recommend reform legislation and executive orders on police reform by the end of July. Members of the public can submit written testimony by following instructions on the commission’s website.


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